Self portrait -  Contax G2 - Kodak BW400CN

Self portrait -  Contax G2 - Kodak BW400CN

About:  My name is Leonardo but you can call me Leo!

Frank Patrone:  A perfect long haired 5 year old creature with a personality that fits his name to a T.  (This is where I drop the mic).  #proudparent.

Film:  Besides photographing lifestyle and destination weddings for over 10 years, I’ve been been running my own photo lab for the last 9 years.  I personally develop and scan all of the film that I shoot.  I love understanding and constantly improving every single step of the analog and digital process.

Buenos Aires:  I was born and raised in a city by the Atlantic Ocean called Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Yes, spanish is my first language!  That’s why you’ll hear a little accent here and there when I speak English.

Music:  My hobby.  I'm very passionate about collecting vinyl records and cassette tapes.  I also have a random gift for remembering album names and the release years.  If you know of anything productive I could do with this talent let me know!

Kodak 400VC:  Along with the exceptional Kodak, 160vc, 160nc - 400nc, Fujifilm 800z, Kodak high speed infrared, Agfa Scala-200, Kodachrome 64, Kodak Ektachrome 100 plus - 160t - 64t, 100vs, 100g, 100gs, Fujichrome 64t are an assortment of expired films I keep in my freezer, which is more important than food!

Travel:  One of my favorite things to do for a living!  Diving into new cultures lens first and coming home each time with a greater sense of the world is something I am endlessly thankful for.  The amazing new friends I make along the way, landscapes I take back with me on film, and game changing eating adventures are always a bonus!

Football (Soccer):  The most important of the non-important things in life!

Wedding Photography:  Every time just like the last, it’s always a huge honor when couples trust my eye and sensitivity to tell the story of their big day through photography.  I always find wedding coverage to be so fascinating.  Its complexity is full of subtle heartfelt expressions, intimate layers of emotions, inspirational life stories, and interactions happening all at once.  It is a job that requires all my senses be awake in order to fully absorb the moments and create rich meaningful photographs for my clients.  I photographed my first wedding over a decade ago and that exceptional feeling of joy has been resonant at every wedding since.

Awesome:  Apologizing in advance for maybe saying this word too much when I’m taking pictures!  Awesome!  Thanks!